WORRIERS – ” Warm Blanket “

Posted: February 16, 2023 in MUSIC

Worriers, the band led by punk rock singer-songwriter Lauren Denitzio, will release the new album “Warm Blanket”. Denitzio recorded the album at home, with Against Me!’s Atom Willard adding drums remotely. We’ve already heard the lead single “Pollen In The Air,” and now Worriers have shared another one called “Prepared To Forget.”

“Prepared To Forget” is a warm, fond song about old friends making dumb decisions. You can hear echoes of Denitzio’s DIY pop-punk roots in the song, but it’s also got a grand, slow country-music feel to it. It feels sweeping and intimate at the same time.

Lauren Denitzio has always been the type of songwriter to say exactly what’s on their mind. Over the course of the past decade with their band Worriers, they’ve addressed gender liberation, capitalist violence, and searing heartbreak, all over the band’s signature style of triumphant chords and subtle pop sensibilities. Worriers was always a band that shined with the feelings of ecstatic potential; offering a sense of liberation amidst the chaos of the world.

And yet, on their newest album “Warm Blanket”, they’ve never sounded more free.

The band’s fourth full length record has the feel of an exciting debut and there’s a reason: it marks the first time that Denitzio accepted that the group they had been trying to treat as a band is actually a solo project. After a pace of touring and recording that would be breakneck for most, but de rigueur in the underground scene which forged them, Denitzio found themselves in the summer of 2022 with a chance to finally catch their breath. “I realized I could write whatever I wanted.”

Worriers are a band from Brooklyn, New York, centered around the songwriting of Lauren Denitzio. They released their 2nd LP “Survival Pop” on SideOneDummy Records and have toured with John K Samson, Against Me!, Julien Baker, Anti Flag, and more. Worriers’ debut album “Imaginary Life” was produced by Laura Jane Grace of Against Me!.  

“Warm Blanket” is out 4/7 on Ernest Jennings Record Co.


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