DEPECHE MODE – ” Ghosts Again “

Posted: February 9, 2023 in MUSIC

Depeche Mode suffered a tremendous loss last year when Andrew Fletcher suddenly passed of an aortic dissection in May. Martin Gore and Dave Gahan are forging on with the band, however, with their fifteenth studio album “Memento Mori”, set to drop on the 17th of March via Columbia Records.

Depeche Mode releases the much-anticipated lead single, “Ghosts Again”, a song that was teased with two countdowns; one for the initial announcement, and another for the premiere date. The “Memento Mori” album marks a new chapter for Depeche Mode’s peerless, evolving legacy. “Memento Mori” originated early in the pandemic during the chaos of uncertainty and global panic; now the grim title also reflects the sombre reality of a Fletch-less future for the band. 

Dave Gahan noted that although work on ‘Memento Mori’ started before Fletcher’s death, Fletch did not record any material on the album. “He never got to hear any of it,” the singer said, “which is really sad to me because there are songs on this record where I know he’d be like, ‘This is the best thing we’ve had in years.’ I can hear his voice,” he said. “I can also hear him saying, ‘Does every song have to be about death?!’”

“After Fletch’s passing, we decided to continue as we’re sure this is what he would have wanted,” says Martin Gore, “and that has really given the project an extra level of meaning.”

Depeche Mode’s poignant song addresses the life cycle – knowing that Death isn’t a harbinger of the end, but rather a guide to the next phase.

Corbijn, who used the striking imagery from the film here, makes a poignant commentary on the state of a modern world constantly immersed in fear of this mortal chess match. This time the roles are played by Dave Gahan and Martin Gore themselves, as they battle their queens and pawns on a city rooftop, then make their way through a cemetery. It’s filmed in his usual black and white, Expressionist style, as Gahan and Gore poignantly send off their love to the other side.

“To me, ‘Ghosts Again’ just captures this perfect balance of melancholy and joy,” said frontman Dave Gahan of the song, with Martin Gore proudly adding: “It’s not often that we record a song that I just don’t get sick of listening to – I’m excited to be able to share it.”

Ghosts Again” is a touching encomium to the lost souls of this volatile world, and especially to their recently check-mated bandmate.

Memento Mori” will be released on March 24th on double vinyl, CD, cassette, and digital. 

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