Posted: February 2, 2023 in MUSIC

Unknown Mortal Orchestra (mainly the project of New Zealand-born Ruban Nielson) have announced a new album, “V”, and shared a new song from it, “Layla,” via a music video. “V” is due out March 17th via Jagjaguwar Records.

VIRA-LATA directed the “Layla” video, which stars Mia Bueno and Fernanda Peyerl. The album includes “I Killed Captain Hook,” a single shared last November, and “Weekend Run,” a single from 2021.

“V “was recorded in Palm Springs with Nielson’s brother, Kody Nielson, alongside their father, Chris Nielson (saxophone/flute), and longstanding Unknown Mortal Orchestra member Jake Portrait. At the start of the pandemic, Nielson took a break from recording and spent some time in Hawaii to be there for a sick uncle and to help his mother and another uncle move to Hawaii from New Zealand and Portland. There was also a family wedding in Hawaii. The Nielson brothers then returned to Palm Springs to finish the album.

“In Hawaii, everything shifted off of me and my music,” Ruban Nielson says in a press release. “Suddenly, I was spending more time figuring out what others need and what my role is within my family. I also learned that things I thought were true of myself are bigger than I thought. My way of making mischief—that’s not just me—that’s my whole Polynesian side. I thought I was walking away from music to focus on family, but the two ended up connecting.”

In 2018, Unknown Mortal Ochestra released two albums: “Sex & Food” and “IC-01 Hanoi”.

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