The CHILLS –  ” Scatterbrain-Storms: Outtakes “

Posted: February 2, 2023 in MUSIC

Dunedin’s finest, The Chills follow their acclaimed seventh studio album ‘Scatterbrain’ with a special 7” vinyl “Scatterbrain-Storms: Outtakes“. This special release features three brand new tracks ‘The Dragon with the Sapphire Eyes’, ‘No One Knows Better Than Me’ and ‘Nowhere’.

‘Scatterbrain-Storms: Outtakes’ is a three-track release of bonus material from 2021’s ‘Scatterbrain’, the seventh studio album from Martin Phillipps’ The Chills. Consisting of material that actually predates its parent LP, written before the tone and themes were established, it was initially offered to fans on the Dunedin band’s recent tour.

“We felt these were too good not to be released and were actually the first three songs we wrote for ‘Scatterbrain’ before it’s lyrical tone and musical direction became established. It was important to us to offer fans something special on the tour” Martin Phillipps

Recorded at Port Chalmers Recordings Services, “Scatterbrain-Storms: Outtakes” was produced by Tom Healy with assistance from Tom Bell. The Chills are Martin Phillipps, Oli Wilson, Erica Scally, Callum Hampton and Todd Knudson.

“A worthy addition to a glorious canon” Uncut

‘Scatterbrain’ is a life passing before your ears as uncertainty increases and fake news rumbles on; during which aliens invade, Phillipps scales the walls beyond abandon as he probes the minutiae of worlds within worlds and the hourglass fills. ‘Scatterbrain’ is a landmark album from one of the great modern song writers, it’s pure pop music for the new normal and we can’t wait to see how it ends.

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