GENA ROSE BRUCE – ” Deep is the Way ” Feat Bill Callahan

Posted: February 2, 2023 in MUSIC

Australian Singer Songwriter Gena Rose Bruce gives you mere seconds on ‘Deep is the Way’ before she slices through the ambience and tremolo-laden guitar chords. “It’s time to wake up / Stop calling it love”, she sings on the opening track ‘Future’ – sounding like the angel on your shoulder while coming across as the devil on the other. “It’s time to get real / I’m only hurting myself.” As far as scene-setters go, it’s as arresting and alluring as you could hope for – particularly when an undercurrent of drums and a subtle synth arpeggio shuffles in beneath Bruce’s trembling soft falsetto. The title track is out today featuring Bill Callahans of Smog

“Deep Is The Way” – Album no 2 – out January 27th via Remote Control Records It took some deep digging, I was up and down but in the end I’m so proud of this record and how it sounds.

On her second studio album, Bruce is clearly determined to do things differently. It makes sense: The world has changed significantly since her tasteful 2019 debut ‘Can’t Make You Love Me’, and it only seems natural to adapt and evolve with it. While that album was largely streamlined into bittersweet folk-rock not unlike that of her contemporaries ‘Deep’ showcases considerable artistic development that should significantly shift the conversation around Bruce and her music – while simultaneously starting some new ones.

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