ANGEL ELECTRONICS – ” Ultra Paradise “

Posted: January 23, 2023 in MUSIC

The new band Angel Electronics is the duo of Ada Rook and Ash Nerve, an LA-based musician and producer who’s a member of the Oracle, a production group that worked on Rook’s “2,020 Knives” album. In Angel Electronics, Ash Nerve is the lead singer, though both Nerve and Rook contribute vocals and production. But the real news with Angel Electronics’ debut album “Ultra Paradise” isn’t the names of the people involved; it’s the freaky and disorienting sound of the thing.

Talking to Bandcamp, the members of Angel Electronics describe their sound as “brutal euphoria wave.” Basically, they take a frantic, synthesized take on harsh, juddering metalcore, and they combine that with the sweetest, catchiest forms of bubblegum pop. Some moments on “Ultra Paradise” remind me of 100 gecs, and others remind me of Andrew WK. It’s sensory-overload music, music that captures a certain giddy confusion. 

 Absolutely epic, I can’t stop dancing thinking of the better days to come. Always such a wide reach of musical & vocal talent displayed by Ash & Rook.

released January 23rd, 2023

ASH NERVE – Lead vocals, lead songwriting, piano, drum programming
ADA ROOK – Vocals, songwriting, guitar & bass, drum programming

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