LOU REED – ” Bottom Line 1977 “

Posted: January 22, 2023 in MUSIC

This was the first of three performances at the Bottom Line 1977. The other two were on the 10th and 11th of May, When Lou Reed returned to the studio in 1975, the resulting album was “Coney Island Baby”, an album that continued his explorations of underground inner-city life, but in a significantly mellower manner, which would end Reed’s relationship with RCA. With his contract expired, he returned in 1976 with “Rock and Roll Heart” on Arista, and he again began returning to form.

On this album, Reed’s song- writing took on a new compassion and the result was his most approachable record since the VU days. To promote the album, Reed enlisted several of the session musicians and assembled the best touring band he had worked with since his 1973 tour. Reed also began to embrace the guitar again, adding his distinct, individualistic playing to the mix, which added significantly to the appeal of his live performances. No concerts on the 1977 tour were as highly anticipated as his three-night run on his home turf in New York City in May of that year.

This performance from the third and final night of that run, recorded at the Bottom Line, finds Reed fiercely fighting his way out of the mid-’70s, post-glam doldrums, and with his new team of certified power-punks brought along to lend a hand. With a set consisting of key tracks from his solo albums, several revamped VU classics, in addition to early previews of ‘Leave Me Alone’ and ‘Street Hassle,’, this is Reed ploughing through his catalogue with renewed focus and aggression.

Recorded for live radio transmission, the full set Lou Reed played on the night of 11th May 1977, is released now on this CD for the first time.

Lou Reed Bottom Line, NYC, New York May 9th, 1977

Setlist: 01. Sweet Jane 02. I’m Waiting For The Man 03. Rock And Roll Heart 04. Heroin 05. Rock ‘N’ Roll 06. Walk On The Wild Side 07. Shooting Star 08. You Better Dance, Dance, Dance 09. 11. Lisay Says (cut) 12. Satellite Of Love 13. Coney Island Baby 14. Berlin 15. Applause/Tuning 16. Banging On My Drum 17. Kicks 19. Leave Me Alone

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