FATHER JOHN MISTY – ” Live from The Ryman ” 6th October 2022

Posted: January 22, 2023 in MUSIC

Since 2012, Father John Misty aka Josh Tillman has unexpectedly emerged as a singular (if not undeniably, um, idiosyncratic) voice. Whether by virtue of his lyrics, which routinely defy the presumed polarities of wit and empathy; his live performances which may perhaps be described best as “intimately berzerk,” or the infuriating line he seems to occupy between canny and total fraud online or in interviews, Father John Misty has cultivated a rare space for himself in the musical landscape – that of a real enigma.

This show at the Ryman has Tillman at the height of these powers: as a lyricist, and equally so a cultural observer – at times bordering on freakishly prescient.  Tillman’s bent critiques, bared humanity and gently warped classic songwriting are all here in equal measure and there’s a veritable fuck ton of it.  The show navigates themes of progress, technology, fame, the environment, politics, aging, social media, human nature, human connection and his own role in it all with his usual candor, and in terms as timely as they are timeless.

Setlist: 0:00 Q4 4:58 Total Entertainment Forever 8:01 Chloë 11:45 Mr. Tillman 15:34 Nancy From Now On 19:42 Just Dumb Enough to Try 24:07 banter 25:31 Goodbye Mr. Blue (dedicated to a dog named Gunther) 30:51 We Could be Strangers 35:36 Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings 39:08 A Bigger Paper Bag 43:53 Funny Girl 47:38 banter + “trash purse” & other gifts from the audience 50:28 Nothing Good Ever Happens at the Goddamn Thirsty Crow 55:53 When You’re Smiling and Astride Me 1:00:56 Chateau Lobby #4 1:04:06 Please Don’t Die 1:08:00 The Next 20th Century 1:14:58 In Twenty Years or So 1:20:21 I Love You, Honeybear 1:27:30 banter 1:29:13 Kiss Me 1:33:48 Buddy’s Rendezvous (𝕊𝕝𝕠𝕨𝕖𝕕 + ℝ𝕖𝕧𝕖𝕣𝕓 + 𝟠𝔻 𝕒𝕦𝕕𝕚𝕠) 1:39:32 Holy Shit 1:43:48 Pure Comedy 1:50:08 I’m Writing A Novel

Father John Misty’s performance from The Ryman on October 6th, 2022.

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