ALGIERS – ” I Can’t Stand It ” Feat. Samuel T. Herring and Jae Matthews

Posted: January 20, 2023 in MUSIC

Atlanta band Algiers are releasing a new album, “Shook”, on February 24th via Matador. Now they have shared the album’s third single, “I Can’t Stand It,” which features Future Islands’frontman Samuel T. Herring and Boy Harsher’s Jae Matthews. It also samples “What You Don’t Want Me to Be,” a 1971 song by fellow Atlanta artist Lee Moses.

Algiers’ frontman Franklin James Fisher, who wrote and produced the song, had this to say in a press release: “It’s a very personal song about a devastating loss of someone I believed to be the love of my life which nearly ended in my suicide. I think the song’s narrative arc reflects the sense of dread and the path that led me to that moment. She put on ‘What You Don’t Want Me to Be’ the first time I heard it and I knew immediately that I was going to sample it—I just couldn’t have known the result would be a song about our own end. But every time I sing that song now it feels like I heal a little bit more.”

Matthews had this to add: “I wanted to give Algiers not so much a narrative, but a recollection of a feeling. That abstract evocation that comes when you think about someone who broke yr heart and how that pain still tethers you.”

In September, Algiers shared the album track “Bite Back,” which features Billy Woods and Backxwash. Upon announcement of the album, they shared the song “Irreversible Damage” featuring Zack de la Rocha,

Algiers’ last album, “There Is No Year”, came out in early 2020 via Matador Records.

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