The GUN CLUB – ” The On Broadway Theatre ” San Francisco CA 6th November 1981

Posted: January 19, 2023 in MUSIC

Broadcast by KUSF FM radio, Billy Persons [The Falcons/Weirdos] replaces Rob Ritter on bass. Billy:”I replaced [Rob Ritter] in the fall of ’81 for a bunch of shows in Los Angeles and three in the Bay Area including the On Broadway show with The Cramps and Panther Burns. The band wasn’t doing much in the fall and winter of ’81. I would have joined permanently but Ward [Dotson] and Terry [Graham] told me they were going to quit once the “Miami” album was done as they were on salary at the time so Rob was brought back for that album.

That [On Broadway show] was a really fun show although my memory of it is pretty foggy. Jeffrey and the band spent the whole day drinking in a German restaurant in San Francisco so we were plastered at this show.” : The On Broadway theater, was upstairs at Mabuhay Gardens, located at 435 Broadway Street. It was constructed in 1919 as the Garibaldi Hall, renamed the Mabuhay Gardens in the 1970s. The Mabuhay Gardens nightclub started featuring rock shows around 1976 when Ness Aquino, the owner of the club, was approached by, rock promoter and television producer, Dirk Dirksen to promote punk rock shows at the Mabuhay. In 1983, Dirksen seemed to have enough and stopped promoting shows at the Mab and On Broadway. Ness Aquino tried to keep the shows going, but sometime in 1988 the club closed it’s doors forever.

[with The Cramps and Panther Burns]

The band were supposed to do a more elaborate live set at the Target Video studios, in between shows, like some other bands did then. But couldn’t, because Terry had injured his hand because Jeff had thrown a beer bottle that broke on the drums and cut Terry’s hand. At the time Kid Congo Powers was in The Cramps, having left The Gun Club in November 1980. Panther Burns has Jim Duckworth on guitar. Jim would join The Gun Club in January 1983.

“Sex Beat” from this show was released on “V/A:Target Presents Hardcore Vol.3” VHS (Target 1985) and also on “V/A:Underground Forces Volume III” VHS

Jeffrey Lee Pierce around this time on what would later become Tex and The Horseheads. Also, I don’t know if you are aware but Target Video taped the set and it may finally be released soon. The Weirdos on their [March 1979 recorded] “Who, What, When, Where Why” EP. Also replaced Rob Ritter in Thelonious Monster in the early ’90s for a while and was in The Joykiller in the mid-’90s (we did three albums for Epitaph).

Setlist: Watermelon Man/ Run Through The Jungle [John Fogerty/CCR]/ She Is Like Heroin To Me/ John Hardy (aka Ballad Of Dead Man)/ Fire Spirit/ Black Train/ Jack On Fire/ Sex Beat/ For The Love Of Ivy/ Goodbye Johnny(*).

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