The STRANGLERS – ” Feline ” Deluxe Edition

Posted: January 18, 2023 in MUSIC

New deluxe and epic expanded 40th anniversary edition of “Feline” from The Stranglers. It comes with ten extra tracks and rarities. The Stranglers were unstoppable throughout the seventies and eighties becoming one of Europe’s biggest bands, with “Feline” peaking at No. 4 in the UK album chart. Lead single ‘European Female’ peaked at No. 9 in the Singles chart and paved the way for the bands transition in sound, helping to cement their place in an ever-changing soundscape.

The European Female (In Celebration Of), by the Stranglers was the leading single from the album “Feline”, released in January 1983. Jean-Jacques Burnel, singer-songwriter, bass: The Stranglers’ “Feline” album was an attempt to marry the northern element of Europe – represented by synthesizers and electronic drums – with the southern element of Spanish and acoustic guitars.

“European Female (In Celebration Of)” was an attempt to address my identity and in a way it was my European version of Californian Girls by the Beach Boys. I was going out with a Parisian ballerina at the time, so I projected my idea of Europe on to a person. It was a passionate, very destructive relationship, but for three years she had me in her spell, which was the idea behind putting us in cages in the video.”

Dave Greenfield, keyboards: “The song was produced by Steve Churchyard and mixed by Tony Visconti. I just came up with something on my old synthesizer to go with the band’s bits. The best ideas come pretty quickly. The keyboard melody for “European Female” is mostly spontaneous, or very close to it. It’s just two chords, with arpeggios over them. It’s pretty simple, but it fits.”

And another great tune from the album, “Midnight Summer Dream”. Here is the Extended Version:

Feline” is the seventh studio album by the Stranglers and was originally released on 22nd January 1983 on the Epic record label, their first for the label. The first edition came with a free one-sided 7″ single “Aural Sculpture Manifesto”. “Feline” drew heavily on two of the dominant musical influences in Europe of the time, by using primarily acoustic guitars and electronic drums as well as Dave Greenfield’s synthesizers. The American edition of the album included the British hit single “Golden Brown” as the closing track on side one of the original vinyl (and the fifth song in on the CD version)

Another Stranglers concept album, but a much lesser work than forerunner “La Folie”. While not an instant classic, it does repay repeated listening — especially the rustic English charms of “Midsummer Night’s Dream” and the more Eurocentric “Last Tango in Paris” and “All Roads Lead to Rome.” Instead of the belligerent tunefulness of yesteryear, the Stranglers were trying to expand their sound and reach.

“Feline” is a long ways from The Strangler’s first two legendary punk albums: “Rattus Norvegicus” and “No More Heroes”. Here, they play very interesting pop songs featuring vocals and melody. “Feline” has stood the test of time and remains one of my favourite Stranglers records. Great songs all the way through this album with masterpieces “It’s A Small World”, “Ships That Pass In The Night”, “Let’s Tango In Paris”, “Paradise”, “Golden Brown” and “Blue Sister”. For a band that fired out the raw aggression captured in their earlier days, it’s quite remarkable that they could make such an album like this one. Even more remarkable, “Feline” does appeal to most fans of early Stranglers. It does to me. A truly great album.

This new deluxe and epic expanded 40th anniversary edition of “Feline” from The Stranglers, will be a collectors item for years to come. This 2LP will be pressed onto red & transparent marble vinyl and features bonus tracks and rarities. 

Hugh Cornwell – vocals, guitar, Jean-Jacques Burnel – bass, vocals (lead vocals on “European Female” and “Paradise”) Dave Greenfield – keyboards, Jet Black – drums, percussion

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