GNOOMES – ” Ax Ox “

Posted: January 18, 2023 in MUSIC

We’re thrilled to announce that Gnoomes are back with the new record ‘Ax Ox’ which will come out via Rocket Recordings on the March 3rd.It’s been 3 years of making it, a whirl of emotions, but nothing makes us happier than knowing it’s gonna see the light of day soon! ‘Ax Ox’ is probably our most experimental record.

‘Ax Ox’ is available on ltd edition ‘Blue Swirl’ via the Bandcamp link, or you can pick it up the ltd ‘Oxblood Vinyl’ from your favourite record shop: “Ax Ox” runs through a gamut of vibrant emotion across its eleven tracks, from the elemental blast of kraut-pop that is ‘The Neighbour’ to the crystalline and techno-fied ‘Loops’, and across moments of jarring and skewed ambience such as ‘Mirror’ and ‘The Bridge’. Here the component parts that have always made up Gnoomes’ fresh and wide-eyed aesthetic – dreampop radiance, bold electronic experimentation and the propulsive motorik drive which moves them onward –are rendered still more vivid and transcendent, the product of a band unafraid to cross boundaries in pursuit of catharsis by any means necessary, and one still hopeful in spite of all that fate can throw at them.

Watch the hallucinogenic video for the first single to be released, the dance-floor driven ‘Loops’. The video (one that the ‘Butthole Surfers’ would have been proud of) was directed by the talented Perm based artist Baadwrk:

The cover artwork which we absolutely adore was made by the magnificent Игорь Скалецкий!.

Taken from Gnoomes new album ‘Ax Ox’ (Launch290). Released on Rocket Recordings on 03rd March 2023.

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