RIBBON STAGE- ” Dead End Descent ” 

Posted: January 8, 2023 in MUSIC

The dream of Olympia, Washington, is alive in the form of the wonderful Ribbon Stage. The New York trio harken back to Nineties cuddle-core gods like Tiger Trap and the Shop Assistants. “Hit With the Most” is 11 songs in 19 thrilling minutes, quick little shots of blurry noise, pretty, careworn singing, and tumbling drums. Titles like “It’s Apathy,” “Nowhere Fast,”  and “No Alternative” set the emotional tone. But even when their songs sound like they might collapse before the band hits the finish line, Ribbon Stage always power through their angst and boredom to hit the twee-punk sweet spot. 

Ribbon Stage are a trio from NYC that created a debut album which is a compact earworm of noise pop. “Hit With The Most” is a 20 minute joyride of tight drums, fuzzed out distorted guitar and the floating vocals of Anni Hilator which cuts through it all. With 11 songs being covered in 20 minutes, there is absolutely no filler on “Hit With The Most”. Within these short numbers, you can find moments of shoegaze, alternative rock, post-punk and new wave but Ribbon Stage only stay there for a blink making “Hit With The Most” even more infectious with its exciting familiarity but yet bringing your ear something new rapidly. Ribbon Stage have created a noise pop dream.

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