POSMIC – ” Sun Hymns “

Posted: January 8, 2023 in MUSIC

Clocking in at under twenty minutes, Posmic’s “Sun Hymns” feels like watching an old Super 8 home movie found at the thrift store, unknown people and scenes flashing by, wrapped in nostalgic film grain and warm colours. Comprising of members of several Baltimore and Washington DC bands Posmic was formed by David Van and Emily Ferrara (both of Post Pink) with Zach Inscho (Wildhoney) and DC native Luke Reddick (Ultra Beauty) in late 2019.

Like many other artists, the global pandemic put a halt on playing live music but it created an opportunity for the group to log several home recording sessions. Those sessions turned into the group’s debut “Sun Hymns”. The 18-minute record is full of indie rock that jams together a perfect mix of guitar feedback, lo-fi jangles and hazy psych, the outfit make music that collides grungy nineties guitar rock and sixties psych weirdness, resulting in something that feels both fresh and strangely familiar. There are noisy alt-rock jams, incense-scented folk numbers and sunny, easy-going pop, the whole thing adding up to a brief but oh so welcome escape to some other time or place. “Sun Hymns” might be the sleeper hit of the year, so load it up and bask in its glow.

The longest song on the album is the closer “Black And Blue,” which comes to a scorching conclusion as Ferrara vocally shines with a bolstering finish. Posmic’s nonchalant approach and niche for good indie rock provides an excellent listen all the way through. “Sun Hymns” ending too quick is the only let down from this album so just really has me looking forward to what the band releases next!

David – Guitar, Vocals
Emily – Vocals
Zach – Drums
Luke – Bass

Released March 11, 2022

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