FRIENDSHIP – ” Love the Stranger “

Posted: January 8, 2023 in MUSIC

There are certain albums that make very specific time periods in my seem to glow a little extra in my memory. this summer I’m sure every little thing I do while listening to this album will have that special memorable glow that I’ll look back on in years future with extra human fondness. Having established themselves as one of the favourite contemporary acts with “Shock out of Season” and “Dreamin’, both on Orindal Records, Friendship‘s first LP for the Merge label is a continuation of their distinctive brand of introspective, country-tinged, slices of life. The songs again centre on lead Dan Wriggins’s plaintive vocals and everyday poetry, ably supported by the careful attention and creative flair of Michael Cormier-O’Leary, Jon Samuels, and Peter Gill. Be it distracting yourself with nature documentaries or a peek at the moon, Wriggins examines small, seemingly mundane details for their loaded meaning. Searching if not for answers then at least reasons to get up every day and keep looking. A way, in other words, to live and love when “gripped by a fear of no discernible beginning.”

Released July 29th, 2022

PETER GILL: guitar, pedal steel, keyboard, vox
MICHAEL CORMIER-O’LEARY: drums, percussion, keyboard, piano, guitar, organ, vox
JON SAMUELS: bass, programming, keyboard, organ
DAN WRIGGINS: vox, guitar, keyboard, melodica, organ, accordion

“What’s the Move” vox by JESS SHOMAN

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