DELIVERY – ” Forever Giving Handshakes “

Posted: January 8, 2023 in MUSIC

The intense pulsating rhythm in Delivery’s opening track, “Picture This,” will give you your first realization that their debut record, “Forever Giving Handshakes”, is one of the tightest sounding post-punk debuts you heard this year. The Melbourne five-piece work as one true musical force through all of the 12 tracks here. “Forever Giving Handshakes” pulls on many classic and modern sounds for its winning formula. At times, you can hear Devo, Television, Pixies and Pylon while other contemporary Australian groups like Amyl And The Sniffers and Pinch Points will also come to mind. From start to finish, Delivery give 100% on each track with impeccable rhythm, timing and guitar crunch. Not to mention having one of the favourite album covers this year!

Collecting songs written over the Melbourne five-piece’s two year lifespan and following on from the band’s bedroom project origins of ‘Yes We Do’ and the expanded one-two punch of ‘Personal Effects/The Topic’, ‘Forever Giving Handshakes’ captures Delivery at full force for the first time, leaning into the fully-realised live sound they’ve been quite actively working on since their first show in March 2021. Here the band collate a 12-track garage-punk opus, their five distinct voices simultaneously pulling songs in different directions while an undeniable chemistry reveals a combined hive mind ascending on a clear group mission… to rock. If you didn’t have the Delivery phenomenon yet, you’re about to.

released November 11, 2022

Delivery are:
Daniel Devlin – drums, backing vocals
James Lynch – vocals, guitar, synth
Lisa Rashleigh – vocals, guitar
Rebecca Allan – vocals, bass
Sam Harding – vocals, guitar, synth

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