Posted: January 6, 2023 in MUSIC

Straddling the European continent, The Boys with the Perpetual Nervousness are Andrew Taylor, who resides in Edinburgh, and Gonzalo Marcos, who calls Madrid home. Adapting their name from the famously neurotic New Jersey group The Feelies—who used to categorically refuse to play in New York City—the Boys are comparatively chill. “You say that you miss me, but you know I don’t mind,” goes the opening track from their 2021 debut “Songs From Another Life“. There’s hardly an ounce of melancholy in their zestful, crisp compositions—a welcome break from despondency. These boys next door are onto better things (as far as I can see). 

 One of the best albums of February 2021. “From vocal harmonies and retro synth frills to an always-accessible blend of acoustic and electric guitars, The Boys paint from a familiar power-pop palette, but create something uniquely beautiful—not even these times of loss and isolation can take that away from us”

Télérama (France): “Songs from Another Life” est avant tout un album « feel good », telle la bande-son mélancolique d’une fin d’été ensoleillée. Par les temps qui courent, on en a besoin” (★★★/4)

Janglepophub (South Africa): “the most perfect voice in jangle/power-pop at present (sorry Teenage Fanclub fans!). Once again, a genuinely stunning album…as if there was ever any doubt it would be!!?”

El Periódico (Spain): “lo suyo tiene que ver con el pop sublime de los Byrds, Teenage Fanclub, Pernice Brothers y otros maestros del acorde brillante, la melodía memorable y las voces celestiales” (★★★★/5)

Raven Sings The Blues (USA): “The Boys are wrapping their heartache in a cavalcade of hooks that are rather hard to ignore as they flip through an alternate history radio station where Superdrag’s second LP got the praise it deserved, Teenage Fanclub topped everyone’s list over Nirvana in ’91 and Matthew Sweet kept on writing songs for Choo Choo Train rather than split solo. It’s a world where emotional honesty never quite went out of style and perfect pop simply meant that the chords got bigger and brighter”

Allmusic (USA): “12-string, retro-flavored power pop”

Powerpopaholic (USA): “Highly Recommended and a contender for my top 10 in 2021 list” (9/10)

Post-Trash (USA): “A brand new international pop overthrow is afoot and The Boys With The Perpetual Nervousness are at the vanguard” 

Released February 5th, 2021

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