EGGS – ” A Glitter Year “

Posted: January 6, 2023 in MUSIC

Debut album by secretive and enigmatic French band EggS. Their ranks recently swelled by the addition of Marguax and Camille from fellow Parisians En Atendant Ana, they race through a dozen tracks that could sit comfortably anywhere in the output of Sarah, Flying Nun, K or Postcard.

Like their influences The Television Personalities, they write chaotic yet beautiful songs that always sound on the brink of falling apart but somehow don’t. Born in Lockdown, and recorded deep in the Parisian suburbs across two rainy weekends in the Spring of 2022 , it glitches between jangly guitar and alto-sax quirkiness, while the boy/girl vocal interplay may appeal to fans of Martha or Eleventh Dream Day.

A joint release between UK label Prefect Records (run by Mark Dobson – ex Field Mice) and French label Howlin Banana. A collaboration formed out of necessity – given the pressing plant and import/export issues caused by the ongoing nightmare that is Brexit- this is a limited edition release.

released November 4th, 2022

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