ANDREW EASTON LEWIS – ” Non Swimmers “

Posted: January 6, 2023 in MUSIC

New music from ex Swimmer One / Seafieldroad singer-songwriter, now living in Outer Hebrides and signed to Wee Studio Records.

Non Swimmers” brings together new solo versions of three songs by my old band Swimmer One. All are completely different from the originals. “But My Heart is Still Broken” is as much a sequel to “But My Heart is Broken” as it is a cover, with a mostly new lyric.

The EP is part of a broader celebration of the 20th anniversary of Swimmer One’s debut single, “We Just Make Music For Ourselves”. If you like it, please look out for Outliers, a 2023 Swimmer One compilation including the band’s first new music in over a decade. We’re also releasing remastered versions of Swimmer One’s two albums, “The Regional Variations” (from 2007) and “Dead Orchestras” (from 2010).

This EP is dedicated to everyone who’s struggling to stay afloat.


releases January 27th, 2023

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