ROZI PLAIN – ” Prize “

Posted: January 5, 2023 in MUSIC

Rozi Plain is preparing to release her new album “Prize” due out January 13th. She’s already shared a few singles, including “Agreeing for Two,” “Prove You’re Good,” and “Help.” Today, she’s shared another one titled “Painted the Room,” which follows suit in its delivery of cool-and-collected rhythm and unbothered vocal tone as Rozi Plain sings lines like “Painted the room black / You’re not going back.”

“I think this is a sort a celebration song dedicated to scummy situations retreating—relief when you are able to have the clarity and freedom to just trot off!” Plain explained. “It changed so much from how it started and took a couple of hilarious and surprising-to-me new turns. Then we just deleted the guitar. Then I went to Danalogue’s (from The Comet Is Coming and Soccer96) studio and he topped it up with some of his trademark good ear good vibe.”

The video that accompanies the single was filmed with Alabaster dePlume during a recording session at London event and studio space Total Refreshment Centre two days before Christmas. “This song is about freeing yourself up so I guess I just wanted the visual to feel not too precious. I really like how the split screen distracts you just enough to focus in the right way and notice coincidences and cosmic moments in the two images playing together. It also feels very good to capture a moment with sweet friends in a place so full of heart like The Total Refreshment Centre.”

Her new album “Prize” is out January 13th via Memphis Industries.

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