MARGARET GLASPY – ” Love is Real “

Posted: December 31, 2022 in MUSIC

Margaret Glaspy‘s ‘Love Is Real’ is a song that captures you and won’t let go; an ode to love.  Haunting and quivering, Glaspy’s vocal is a thing of majesty flecked with soul and draped in finger-picked acoustic guitars and sighing strings, it’s that rarity a voice that’s lived it, rendered with poignant lines like “it’s hard to win when you feel you’ve got a losing hand“. Glaspy sings a wistful and yet somehow powerful testament to wanting to exist in the world despite the struggle, when she sings “love is real/hope is strong/life is hard/ but you belong” her sentiment becomes universal. It’s an absolutely sublime heart-swelling moment of life-affirming reflection.

“Love Is Real” is the A-side to a single Glaspy released in March, right before she hits the road opening for Spoon. Here’s what he had to say about it: For the last three years, I’ve been humming this song. What you hear now is a voice memo of myself and Julian Lage playing it in our Brooklyn laundry room put to a string arrangement recorded at Sonic Ranch Studios in Texas.

This song has taken on many different meanings and in my mind it has been directed toward different people. In the end, I think I needed to hear this song the most to remember that love is real and that I belong. For all of the heartache that life brings, there is infinite love. Now, maybe it can be a reminder for someone else.

“Love Is Real” is from Margaret Glaspy’s ‘Love Is Real b/w Heart Shape’ double-single.

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