BRIMHEIM – ” can​’​t hate myself into a different shape “

Posted: December 31, 2022 in MUSIC

Behind the name Brimheim lies Helena Heinesen Rebensdorff. The Danish musician was born in the Faroe Islands, but now lives in Copenhagen. With can’t hate myself into a different shape Helena Heinesen Rebensdorff has delivered a very personal album. It is an album on which psychological problems are central, making Brimheim’s debut album a dark coloured album.

Brimheim is active in a genre in which it has been crowded in recent years and in which it is gradually becoming really overcrowded, but with “can’t hate myself into a different shape”, the Danish musician have made an above average good album. Brimheim impresses in several ways on her debut album.

The debut album of the Danish musician Brimheim it is an interesting album that can go along with the best within indie rock and indie pop. Also in 2022, piles of albums by young female singer-songwriters appeared again with a penchant for some melancholic indie pop and indie rock. Saturation is now firmly lurking, but it would be a shame if this were at the expense of the music of the Brimheim. The debut is now almost a year old, but can’t hate myself into a different shape is an album that still deserves all the attention. Helena Heinesen Rebensdorff’s alter ego has made a personal and dark album, but her songs can sound surprisingly accessible and at the same time stimulate the imagination. Special album.

To start with, I really like her vocals on the album. Helena Heinesen Rebensdorff sings mainly whisper-soft, but nevertheless brings a lot of variation to her vocals. Certainly in the somewhat supercooled passages, the vocals on can’t hate myself into a different shape are close to those of Phoebe Bridgers, but Helena Heinesen Rebensdorff can also sing a lot more powerfully and expressively and then has a clear sound of her own.

The beautiful voice is one of Brimheim’s strongest weapons, but as mentioned, there is more. Also musically can’t hate myself into a different shape is an interesting album. Brimheim’s music has the spatial and darkness that characterizes so many Scandinavian albums, but the copenhagen musician’s debut album is also an adventurous and versatile album.

Brimheim’s music is often relatively sobre and atmospheric, but a number of tracks on the album are much fuller. Brimheim’s song therefore covers the entire spectrum from Scandinavian ice princess music to the more exuberant indie pop and indie rock as it has been made a lot in recent years, especially in the United States.

released January 28th, 2022

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