The CHATS – ” Get Fucked “

Posted: December 26, 2022 in MUSIC

As Idles get more and more serious with each release, there’s a void that calls for a band that’s capable of metaphorically either breaking your bones while tickling your funny bone at the same time. Enter the Chats, specifically their second album “Get Fucked”. The riffs are about as subtle as the title, and for 27 minutes, you’re treated to pogoing odes to literally getting struck by lightning to spitting laments about how “the price of smokes are going up again.” 

The Australian “shed” rockers make few adjustments from their 2020 debut “High Risk Behavior”, but “Get Fucked” proves there’s still plenty of material that can be mined from being broke, run-ins with the law, and class resentment. If you’re a fan of brutal, hard-edged punk, “Get Fucked” doesn’t offer too much in the way of new surprises, but it’s delivered with such gleeful confidence that you don’t care if the tune is familiar. The Chats provide a much-needed, cathartic jolt of joy with just the right amount of sneering, nihilistic anger. 

I absolutely love these drunk crazy Aussie bastards. the pure unfiltered raw energy from these lads is so infectious. I can’t wait to see them live straight bangers. 

released August 19th, 2022

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