ECHO & The BUNNYMEN – ” Evergreen ” Reissue plus Peel Session

Posted: December 25, 2022 in MUSIC

Echo & The Bunnymen’s brilliant 1997 album ‘Evergreen’ is issued on vinyl for the first time, and as a 2CD deluxe.

London Records are to reissue Echo & The Bunnymen’s triumphant 1997 ‘comeback’ album “Evergreen”, which was notable for featuring the UK hit ‘Nothing Lasts Forever’.

The album has been remastered and will be issued on vinyl for the very first time. It will also be available as an expanded 2CD deluxe edition with 21 bonus tracks. Exclusive is a 4-track CD EP called “Peel Session 1997“. This features four tracks recorded at Maida Vale and broadcast on 16th September 1997, three of which are previously unreleased (‘Rescue’ was on CD 2 of the of 1997 2CD special edition).

Evergreen” marked a critical and commercial renaissance for the band after more than half a decade’s hiatus. In January 1997 Will Sergeant, Les Pattinson and Ian McCulloch came back together in a recording studio for the first time in ten years. The band entered Doghouse studios in Henley-on-Thames in Oxfordshire, as fate would have it at the same time as Oasis, leading to ‘Nothing Lasts Forever’ featuring a 24-year-old Liam Gallagher on backing “yeah, yeah, yeah!”s and tambourine shakes. 

The album entered the UK chart at number eight, in July 1997 and while the two further singles may not have repeated the success of the first, they were certainly popular enough and well played on the radio at the time (they were ‘I Want To Be There (When You Come)’ and ‘Don’t Let It Get You Down’

This was the era in the UK of releasing two CD singles (CD 1 & CD 2) and so there were plenty of bonus tracks to go around. In fact remarkably, ‘Nothing Lasts Forever’ had six new studio recordings across the seven-inch vinyl and both CD singles. All six of those tracks are appended to the album on the first disc in the forthcoming 2CD deluxe edition. The second disc consists of live tracks and some radio sessions (mostly acoustic).

Speaking about the album today, Ian McCulloch is modest enough. He says it contains “at least three great songs, which is three more than most bands have in their entire catalogue”. He’s referring to ‘Nothing Lasts Forever’, ‘Forgiven’ and ‘Just A Touch Away’.

“Evergreen” will be reissued on 18th November 2022, via London Records. The exclusive Peel Session 1997 CD is limited and numbered and is supplied FREE with any order of the 2CD, vinyl or the bundle.

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