The SADIES – ” Stop and Start “

Posted: December 23, 2022 in MUSIC

This summer, it looked like the Sadies might never play together again. Singer-guitarist Dallas Good had died tragically a few months earlier, and drummer Mike Belitsky was set to have emergency wrist surgery, forcing them to cancel live dates. Knowing that they might never play together again, they staged an intimate show for family and friends, and they reached out to documentarian Ron Mann to film it.

The resulting film, “The Sadies Stop and Start” a life-affirming performance film that captures a band in a moment of urgency, playing together as if it might be for the very last time.

In “Stop and Start”, the Sadies play gorgeous cuts from this year’s “Colder Streams” named one of the best albums of 2022. Performing as a trio, the songs are sparse and beautiful, the stripped-down arrangements highlighting Travis Good’s lightning-fingered guitar solos and plaintive cries. “Are you still there? / Tell me when you get the message,” he howls on “So Far So Few” before tearing into a fuzzy, feedback-soaked surf solo, Belitsky and bassist Sean Dean holding down the rapturous rhythm. A shrine to Dallas, located at the side of the stage, is a poignant reminder of who’s missing.

“Stop and Start” was beautifully captured by Ron Mann, who was only given one day’s notice to assemble a crew — and the results feel as if you’re right there with the Sadies in the cellar, moving amongst them as they perform and sharing the emotional intensity of the moment. The crystal clear audio was expertly captured by James McKenty in his mobile recording trailer, In Record Time Studio.

Watch the premiere of the 23-minute film below, along with a statement from the band.

The Sadies “Stop and Start” captures a moment in time. That time was uncertain and dark. Still reeling from losing Dallas, we found out that Mike needed to have emergency wrist surgery. We needed to play these songs, not knowing if we would ever have the opportunity again. 

Since their formation in 1994, Toronto’s Sadies have developed, even perfected, a style of music that is uniquely their own. Possessing a deep fondness and reverence for the best of country, bluegrass and blues (CBGB!), they are equally informed and influenced by everything from 60s garage and psychedelic rock (Pebbles, Nuggets, et al) to surf instrumentals and punk rock.

The quartet’s newest album, “Colder Streams”, is their best album yet. Produced by Arcade Fire’s Richard Reed Parry, the 11-song platter exhibits again why The Sadies are in a league of their own

28th January Nottingham, UK – The Old Cold Store

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