RAT TALLY – ” In My Car ” Best Albums Of 2022

Posted: December 22, 2022 in MUSIC

Hailing from Chicago (by way of LA and Boston), Rat Tally emerged in 2019 with an impressively fully formed sound on her self-released debut EP, “When You Wake Up”. The release quickly caught the attention of 6131 Records, who were eager to work with the young, clearly very talented songwriter.

Rat Tally (Addy Harris) Writing sad music for sad people. Or happy people. Or whoever.Upon first listen to Rat Tally’s debut LP, “In My Car”, I was struck by the wispy vocals, strumming guitars, and dark comedic energy that immediately brings to mind some Phoebe Bridgers’ best tracks. But as I listened again and again, I came to appreciate vocalist and songwriter Addy Harris’s ability to write catchy hooks and short lines with the depth of a novel:  “But I’m okay if you’re okay / I’m too lazy to say I’m not / Even if I wanted to explain / It would probably take too long.” Now on maybe my one thousandth listen, I believe that “In My Car” may be the best song writing of the entire year. We’ve already seen another lyrical songwriter rise up from 6131 records to larger indie rock stardom (Julien Baker), and I think Rat Tally is well on her way down that path. I can’t wait to see what is next, but until then,

Rat Tally (the moniker of musician Addy Harris) has a special way of capturing the most specific moments of life, magnifying them for examination, and putting a finger on the essence. All the while, encapsulating these moments in lyrics that perfectly balance the poetic and relatable. Add to that a songwriting sensibility that’s rooted in the strong melody, creating a perfect bedroom pop vibe.

I’ll be listening to “In My Car” a couple thousand more times.

Songs by Addy Harris
Performed by: Jacob Allen (bass, vocals) Jeff Crenshaw (drums, keys, vocals) Melina Duterte (vocals) Max Grazier (lead guitar, vocals) Seamus Guy (banjo, violin, vocals) Addy Harris (Vocals, guitar, cello) Madeline Kenney (vocals) Sean Sakamoto (bass) Cole Szilagyi (lead guitar, vocals)

released August 12th, 2022

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