CAMP TRASH – ” The Long Way, The Slow Way “

Posted: December 22, 2022 in MUSIC

At long last, It’s here! The Camp Trash LP , We promise you that this thing was entirely worth the wait. “The Long Way, The Slow Way” picks up where “Downtiming” left off and explodes into new directions. You already know that Camp Trash know how to write a hook, but they refuse to play it safe. Their debut LP explores different tempos and different moods that show a lot of depth to a band that is clearly on the verge of something big.

Camp Trash isn’t just a real band—they’re a really great band. Their debut LP “The Long Way, The Slow Way” dropped in the middle of this summer. That’s appropriate, as it’s wall-to-wall bangers from the clean opening riff of “Mind Yr Own” to the post-metal detour of “Another Harsh Toyotathon” to the loving comedown of “Feel Something.” No matter when or where you are when you press play on “The Long Way, The Slow Way”, it’s sunny and 75 when Bryan Gorman urges you to “give it a rest, let it ride.”

That’s the biggest lesson in “The Long Way, The Slow Way”, a record nearly a decade in the making—there’s nothing wrong with taking your time. Sometimes you end up with a masterpiece.

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