RAPPORT – ” Floating Through The Wonderwave “

Posted: December 17, 2022 in MUSIC

Just like on 2019’s excellent “In the Dark”, Rapport leader Maddy Wilde (Moon King, Spiral Beach) delivers six absolutely perfect new wave pop ditties. Full of chugging Cars guitars, twinkling OMD synths and Wilde’s bubblegum melodies, “Floating Through the Wonderwave” is an absolutely delightful ’80s throwback, with the jangle pop of “Trial Run” and the Air-like airiness of moody closer “My Bed” displaying a range that goes way beyond mere period pastiche.

Toronto-born Maddy Wilde (Moon King, Born Ruffians) formed Rapport after a decade of playing in various local bands and performing with other artists; Wilde’s imposter syndrome finally gave way to a desire to create music that she felt was under explored in her city. With band members Kurt Marble and Mike Pereira, (Twist, Ducks ltd, Most People) both experiencing the same urge to face the challenges of creating earnest pop despite their musical backgrounds in garage, punk and glam rock; Rapport embarked on a journey into the depths of classic pop.

Wilde’s arrangements combine her intuitive sense of harmony with a desire to sincerely capture the essence of sentimentality. Warm synth pads soften the space between Pereira’s punchy percussive bass style, referred to by the band as the “chug,” which steadily drives the songs forward, while Marble’s Knopfler-esque guitar lines play off of Maddy’s rich vocal melodies.

“Floating Through The Wonderwave” is Rapport taking a darker, more melancholic turn. Themes of jealousy, neuroses and self-doubt arise as Wilde explores the balance between artistic creation and self-promotion.
“I had to uninstall social media apps on my phone when I realized they were a major source of anxiety and a hugely addictive waste of time which I could have spent making music. My creative practice was suffering as a result. But without these tools, how are artists meant to share their work?”

The concept of “turning off” – the target of Wilde’s musings on lead single ‘Video Star’ – is a presumptuous fantasy that she knows won’t last. Inevitably she will return to her old habits, mindlessly scrolling, endlessly roaming.. “Floating Through the Wonderwave”. 

released July 8th, 2022

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