MUNA – ” Kind Of Girl “

Posted: December 17, 2022 in MUSIC

Los Angeles alt-pop trio MUNA dropped a comment on Taylor James’ single-shot music video for “Kind of Girl” noting that the mountain-scraping country breakup song is “about accepting yourself as you are and admitting that you still want to grow and change.” This is one of those vibrant tracks you flip on when you want to pump yourself up before venturing outside again. It’s got a presence that can’t be denied: Dust-devil swirls of pedal steel and a desert trudge of acoustic guitar strumming slowly pick up speed as the gale of a chorus lifts the whole thing up and away. When Katie Gavin belts out the chorus—“Go out and meet somebody / Who actually likes me for me”—it’s like she’s already halfway out the front door with keys in hand. 

This windswept and sumptuous heartland track was overshadowed by the ’90s alt-pop jam “Silk Chiffon” (featuring friend and labelhead Phoebe Bridgers) and the other flirtatious offerings on MUNA’s self-titled album. The trio served as a de facto lightning rod for several queer culture think-piece articles this year, but “Kind of Girl” is a masterful bit of sleight of hand in the middle of an otherwise very modern third album.

Country music is a symbol of traditional values, but here it’s atomized by an invigorating queer vision of pop music. Gavin, Josette Maskin, and Naomi McPherson are the kind of songwriters who tell stories, but not in ink, because they can still change the ending. Enjoy blowing on a dandelion today, traditionalists, because the winds of pop are changing soon, and MUNA are one of the main catalysts for that shift.

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