WET LEG – ” Wet Leg ” Best Albums Of 2022

Posted: December 16, 2022 in MUSIC

Wet Leg are one of the leading lights of a new wave of British bands, a group that also includes Yard Act and The Mysterines, that are making headway in North America. Wet Leg’s self-titled debut album is receiving many positive notices, and with good reason.

Wet Leg are a duo that hail from Isle of Wight, England and are comprised of vocalist/guitarist Rhian Teasdale and guitarist/vocalist Hester Chambers. Their debut single “Chaise Longue” went viral upon its release in June 2021. The success of the song surprised Teasdale and Chambers, as it had been the first tune that they had written and recorded as a duo. “Chaise Longue” is an off-kilter song that features Teasdale delivering some of the lyrics in a spoken-word monotone. It also includes some fun sexual innuendo. The song exploding out of the box the way that it did led some listeners to ponder whether or not Wet Leg would be a one-hit wonder.

That question was put to rest with the release of their subsequent singles and this album. In fact, “Chaise Longue” isn’t even the best song on the album. That honour goes to the spectacular rocker “Angelica.” In addition, listeners of the album are surely pleased to discover that there are no throwaway tracks on it. All of the songs are worthwhile, and the album is a delight to listen to from start to finish. The lyrics are very frank and quite vivid, and in many cases, they echo how twentysomething people really talk. There is a very good chance that the album will be the breakout hit of the summer.

The opening track “Being In Love” is excellent guitar-based power pop with good vocals by Teasdale and Chambers. “Angelica” has something of a mid-1990s Britpop sound to it and a quiet/loud/quiet dynamic. They really rock out during the heavy bits. It features great guitar and perfect vocals. It’s magnificent.

“I Don’t Wanna Go Out” has standout vocals with quirky lyrics and some nice guitar work. It slows down a bit in the midsection for a somewhat dreamy effect and then picks up pace again. “Wet Dream” is another Britpop-like song, and its lyrics contain quite a bit of sexual innuendo. (Not surprising, given the title.) Teasdale and Chambers provide terrific vocals throughout, particularly in the chorus. And how can you not love a song that references the cult film Buffalo 66 in its lyrics?  

“Convincing” has Chambers doing the lead vocal. It’s good guitar-based power pop and has the feel of Juliana Hatfield’s best work. “Loving You” is a bass-heavy track with nice guitar work and a strong Teasdale vocal. There is some great vocal interplay between Teasdale and Chambers in the song’s midsection. The electronica-sounding power pop of “Ur Mum” is outstanding. It’s something of a bizarre song that even includes a prolonged scream, but it works. The off-kilter but rocking “Oh No” features some nice guitar work and stellar vocals from Teasdale and Chambers.

The hushed “Piece of Shit” is a chilled-out song with a sweet-sounding Teasdale vocal that drops quite a few F bombs. The blues/pop hybrid tune “Supermarket” is a chilled-out, spacey listen. Bass heavy at the start, album closer “Too Late Now” features echo-laden guitar and a nice Teasdale vocal. She does a spoken-word bit in the song’s midsection. After that, it picks up pace for an alt-rock/power-pop vibe.

Wet Leg is a debut that goes from strength to strength, and it makes the listener greatly anticipate what will come next. Teasdale and Chambers will be touring in support of this album for a while. Here’s hoping that they can find some time while on tour to work on their next batch of songs

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