The MURDER CAPITAL – ” Gigi’s Recovery “

Posted: December 8, 2022 in MUSIC

Dublin’s The Murder Capital are back with a new video for ‘Ethel’, the third cut from their forthcoming second album “Gigi’s Recovery”. The Murder Capital have released a string of singles from their upcoming new album ‘Gigi’s Recovery’. This record bids to add greater depth of sound whilst maintaining the spirit and energy that we’ve all come to expect from the band.

The meditative and plaintive opening line of the propulsive new single, “I always wanted it to be like this for us, strung out on love” finds the narrator at a precipice, the song a re-examination of past desires and priorities, whether they are worth still carrying, or if they should be left behind.

James McGovern, Damien Tuit, Cathal Roper, Gabriel Paschal Blake and Diarmuid Brennan bring the track in a hopeful and cathartic direction: “I always wanted it to be like this for us, having our first kid name her Ethel”. The song follows ‘Only Good Things’ and ‘A Thousand Lives’.

The band share about the new single: “The song ‘Ethel’ is a picture of a crossroads, really, asking you what you want from life. Whether you want to continue down a path of chaos, or make a change in your course. It’s showing you what is possible when you make the decisions that bring a sort of cradled warmth into your future. The idea of ‘Ethel’ is that you can have what you truly desire if you put to rest those short-lived fixes that never bring you any real happiness.”

“Initially I thought ‘Ethel’ should be the main character and do the dance at the end, and I always had this image from this French film called My American Uncle. Where it’s like a little girl standing up at a table. I originally had that image in my head for a rap video, but it didn’t really make sense to the song, I wanted this to feel more like surreal so then as I started finding more imagery, it kind of transpired that maybe the maid was the more interesting character.”

The John Congleton produced “Gigi’s Recovery“, set for release on January 20th via Human Season Records, follows the Irish band’s celebrated 2019 debut album, “When I Have Fears”, which reached a No.2 position in Ireland and Top 20 chart position in the UK.

The 12 songs of “Gigi’s Recovery” push the band into ever braver sonic territories, oceans apart from previous peers. Electronic elements are noticeably more prominent across the record, with industrial influences explored in greater detail than ever before and James McGovern’s bold melodies acting as a reassuring anchor so we never get totally swept away into the band’s new found soundscape.

“Gigi’s Recovery” Out January 20th

This is the “Gigi’s Recovery” UK/EU tour 2023.

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