JOCKSTRAP – ” I Love You Jennifer B “

Posted: December 7, 2022 in MUSIC

London’s Jockstrap deliver a wildly ambitious debut in “I Love You Jennifer B”. With the shadow of a prestigious music school behind them, the duo shake all preconceptions with an expansive record that collates heavy electronics and crystallising vocals. Comprised of Georgia Ellery (also of Black Country, New Road) on vocals and lyrics, and Taylor Skye on electronic production, the pair breathe new energy into the expansive boundaries of pop.

Cohesively eloquent and atmospheric, their contrast of musical styles becomes their signature. Opener “Neon” eases in with gentle guitar plucks and breezy silences, melding sweetly with Ellery’s crooning voice before crunching synths dart in, heavy and droning. The titular “Jennifer B” sticks out as a creeping, woozy affair, with hazy elements woven around seedy samples. Soaring orchestral arrangements delight on tracks like “Concrete Over Water”, while “Glasgow” indulges in flourishes of keys and uplifting string accompaniments.

Together, the ten tracks are a barrage of lightheaded vertigo, a culmination of five years of recorded work. The unpredictable evolution of previous EP offerings, the pair’s experimentation displays a keen ear for melody, and a reinvention of the modern colliding with classical influences. For a debut, Jockstrap are brandishing hugely enthralling potential.  I swear this album will become a classic one way or another.

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