PICTORIA VARK – ” The Parts I Dread “

Posted: December 1, 2022 in MUSIC

One of the year’s great sleepers: Pictoria Vark, a.k.a. Victoria Park, is already a master of heart-tugging indie-rock vignettes on her excellent breakthrough album, “The Parts That I Dread”. She’s got a clever touch for self-lacerating wit in ballads like “Wyoming,” asking, “Can’t I blame you for everything? Market crashes, mood swings?” “I Can’t Bike” is a long-overdue pedestrian anthem that takes a surprise detour in the final minute for a gloriously out-of-nowhere noise-guitar solo, evoking kindred spirits like Snail Mail, Soccer Mommy, and Hop Along. But she excels at quiet triumphs like “Friend Song,” where she looks up at the Iowa stars and dreams of someone left behind in Brooklyn. 

An incredible release from one of the most prolific and talented musicians and songwriters of our time! The sonic range and narrative of this album brings ‘The Parts I Dread‘ on repeat on my listening rotations and leaves openness to the possibilities on what is next for this artist! 

Victoria Park – Bass and Vocals
Gavin Caine – Drums, Percussion, Keys, and Guitar
Jason Ross – Guitar
Lauren Black – Vocals and vocal arrangement on 7
Michael Eliran – Guitar on 1

All music and lyrics by Victoria Park

released April 8th, 2022

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