LOS BITCHOS – ” Let the Festivities Begin! “

Posted: December 1, 2022 in MUSIC

In almost direct comparison to Heirloom’s darkness, Los Bitchos are instrumental surf that makes you feel like you’re on a permanent holiday. They’re the kind of band you’d want following you around during an LA car-chase movie.  It’s just so good… positively charismatic. It’s a first date with instant chemistry. It’s a high school party where nothing too stupid happens. It’s the moment on the dance floor when you forget you’re in a crowd. Good vibes become compulsory when you put this on.

A uniquely inventive instrumental dance-rock band with a international background and a truly worldly sound, Los Bitchos have an absolute riot on their debut, mixing up everything from Eighties teeth-metal to Colombian cumbia, to surf-rock and psychedelia, to disco and funk.

Their music is playfully exotic but also invitingly lived-in, the sound of finding your voice in the flow of the world, and unlike a lot of instrumental music, they keep the listener’s enjoyment front and center by orchestrating each of their two-to-three-minute ditties for maximum pop impact, so songs like “The Link is About to Die” or “Pista (Fresh Start)” have just as many memorable hooks as thick grooves or hot solos. 

Released February 4th, 2022

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