GAZ COOMBES – ” Long Live The Strange “

Posted: November 29, 2022 in MUSIC

Gaz Coombes has released new single ‘Long Live The Strange’ The latest single from the Supergrass frontman is a celebration of the “weird and wonderful” as a “reminder to embrace that at all times”, written after he took his daughter Tiger to see Cavetown in Oxford in 2020.

“The show had a big impact on me,” he said in a press statement. “It was what live performance is all about, connecting with an audience that consists of anybody and everybody who wants to be part of it, it’s fully inclusive and I found that quite powerful.” He described that sense of connectivity as “obviously strange in the nicest sense of the word”.

Speaking about the inspiration behind the music video, “When I was brought onto the project, Gaz had already been living amongst the community of mannequins for several months. His knowledge of them allowed me to have no issues directing them nor overcome the language barrier.

“The whole process was fascinating and certainly a culture shock; coming from South London, I found the silence and stillness almost deafening. It’s certainly one of the most beautiful experiences I’ve ever had as a filmmaker.”

Coombes’ fourth solo album ‘Turn The Car Around’ is out January 13th via Hot Fruit Recordings/ Virgin Music,

Taken from Gaz’s forthcoming album ‘Turn The Car Around’, released on 13th January 2023

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