BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN – ” Don’t Play That Song ” Live on Fallon

Posted: November 27, 2022 in MUSIC

Bruce Springsteen was featured on the Thanksgiving episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Backed by a band and the Roots, he sang his cover of “Don’t Play That Song (You Lied).” In the middle of the performance, Springsteen riffed on Thanksgiving foods.

Springsteen appeared on three episodes of The Tonight Show last week. He kicked off the mini-residency with “Do I Love You (Indeed I Do),” followed by “Turn Back the Hands of Time” and “Nightshift.” All of the songs appear on the musician’s new covers album “Only the Strong Survive”.

Nearly a month after releasing his soul covers album, “Only the Strong Survive”Springsteen has more music in the pipeline and confirmed a future box set of five previously-unreleased albums, which he mostly recorded in the 1990s.

The set of unheard music would follow suit of his 1998 release “Tracks”, which featured a collection of alternative and unreleased tracks.

“I have a box set of five unreleased albums that are basically post-1988,” said Springsteen. “People look at my work in the ’90s and they go, ‘The ’90s wasn’t a great decade for Bruce. He was kind of doing this and he wasn’t in the E Street Band…’ I actually made a lot of music during that period of time. I actually made albums. For one reason or another, the timing wasn’t right or whatever; I didn’t put them out.”

Springsteen added that he put the collection of music together while “cleaning out the vault” during a recent winter. “Some of it is older stuff that the band plays on, and some of it is newer stuff where I was conceptualizing during that period of time,” said Springsteen. “It’ll give people a chance to reassess what I was doing during that time period. Also, a lot of the stuff is really weird. I can’t wait to see the response to some of it.”

The box set will be released in the “near future,” according to Springsteen, who said he is nearly finished recording a follow-up to “Only the Strong Survive“.

“‘Volume 2,’ I would say, is probably three-quarters recorded,” he said. “It’s very similar. I continued working in soul music because I was just having so much fun. But I thought of doing a series of these records in a variety of different genres with songs that I love.”

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