ROZI PLAIN – ” Help “

Posted: November 24, 2022 in MUSIC

Rozi Plain’s new album, “Prize”, is out January 13th via Memphis Industries, and she’s just shared a new song from it. “I think ‘Help’ is my favourite song on the new album,” Rozi says. “We turned it into what it became up in the snow in Glasgow with Gerard and Jamie.

Over the course of four albums, Rozi Plain’s hypnotic, gently askew songs have steadily sauntered their way from her birthplace of Winchester, reverberated through the bustling Bristol DIY scene, to where they now emanate from London’s creative epicentre. Acquiring a worldliness that’s reflected in her travels as a touring musician, each consecutive release has broached new sonic territory, whilst retaining a home-grown intimacy and a familial warmth of spirit.

On “Prize”, her fifth long-player, on Memphis Industries, Rozi’s unique, heart-felt approach continues to prevail and, with the help of collaborators including Jamie Whitby Coles, Gerard Black, Amaury Ranger, Alabaster De Plume, Cole Pulice, Danalogue (of Comet is Coming) and Kate Stables (of This is the Kit), the album marks her as one of our most innovative and engaging songwriters.

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