Posted: November 24, 2022 in MUSIC

Introducing Index For Working Musik, a new internationally aligned London-based collective featuring TOY and Proper Ornaments’ Max Oscardnold formed Index for Working Musik with Drift’s Nathalia Bruno and will release their debut album, “Dragging the Needlework for The Kids at Uphole”, via Tough Love Records next year. You can listen to their dirgey first single now. “Wagner” It isn’t as pretentious as its title might sound, really,” say the band of the first single. “It’s a confusion of the random way thoughts materialise and disappear when walking. A collection of ghosts a memory retains, and a contrast of observations made by people on the street.”

Check out the video, directed by former Jesus and Mary Chain bassist Douglas Hart, now.

“Dragging the Needlework for the Kids at Uphole” is 35 minutes of repeat phrased guitars, slow-clipped drums and dulcet vocals where the recurring landscape is the desert. Reel-to reel-loops of Afghan music compete with the found sound overlays of voices recorded at the queue of the pharmacy and drum machines borrowed from Spanish heroes, channelling both far-off climes and snippets from a closer reality. It’s a strange psychic brew, built of imagined mysticism and domestic realities, of fever dreams and days that stretched into weeks of months.

Taken from the album, “Dragging the Needlework for The Kids at Uphole”, out 17th Feb 2023 via Tough Love Records.

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