The WHITE STRIPES – ” Love Sick ” Bob Dylan Cover

Posted: November 20, 2022 in MUSIC

The White Stripes have covered many Bob Dylan songs live over the years. But they busted out one song more than all the others combined: “Love Sick.” Watching this performance, you can see why. Its jagged edges and insistent beat perfectly suit the duo’s strengths. Jack gets to unleash his highest-pitched yelps while switching between guitar and organ, while Meg pounds out one of her most primal beats. It’s practically a White Stripes Greatest Hits tour – and it’s not even their own song.

“I’m sick of love, but i’m in the thick of it” I love that line. Calling “Time Out of Mind” Dylan’s comeback, as many do, overstates it a bit. After, he was only eight years on from his last “comeback” album – 1989’s “Oh Mercy” – and had released several quite respectable records in between.

Dylan, His performances from the stellar 1995 and 1996 tours . He famously reinvents his own songs with new tempos, instrumentation, arrangements, and vocal deliveries, and rarely has he done so more effectively than in the years leading up to “Time Out of Mind”.

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