JOE STRUMMER – ” Live At Music Millennium ” 2nd November 1999

Posted: November 20, 2022 in MUSIC

Coming on Dark Horse Records as part of RSD Black Friday, Joe Strummer “Live at Music Millennium”.

Joe Strummer’s November 4th, 1999 in-store performance at iconic Portland independent record store Music Millennium receives its first ever release for RECORD STORE DAY BLACK FRIDAY. The soundboard recording captures Strummer performing intimate acoustic takes on “Junco Partner,” “X-Ray Style” “Island Hopping,” “The Road to Rock ‘N’ Roll,” and “Trash City.” This RSD-exclusive vinyl release continues the ongoing celebration this year of what would have been Joe’s 70th birthday.

Receiving its first ever official release, Joe Strummer’s intimate solo set at iconic Portland indie store Music Millennium in Novembrer 1999. The set was captured via a soundboard recording and has previously only circulated thorugh bootlegs.

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