GIRLS IN SYNTHESIS – ” Surburban Hell ” EP

Posted: November 20, 2022 in MUSIC

Limited to just 125 Copies. After the release of “The Mound / Disappear” in March, Girls In Synthesis follow up the white-noise bludgeon of their debut single with the “Suburban Hell EP”; a 4 track exposition into the group’s sonic arsenal. From the breathless, spitting attack on small-town bigotry of the title track to the woozy waltz-time, dual-vocal paranoia that is “Fucked“, the EP regularly shifts pace and sonic boundaries without losing any of the intensity the band are acclaimed for. Produced and recorded by the band at their s.i.c.k studio in South London, the project pushed creativity to a high and a decision was made to include an experimental, electronic dub remix version of the E.P as a free download to work as a companion and as a nod to the bands punk and post-punk influences.

Being the first physical release, the same amount of care and attention has gone into the presentation and packaging of the 7”; the limited edition 7” comes on white label, black vinyl with a hand-stamped GiS logo on the a-side. The sleeve is a unique hand-numbered A3, black and white fold-out poster printed on 120gsm recycled stock. For fans of Big Black, Sleaford Mods, Suburban Homes and The Stooges.

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