WEYES BLOOD – ” God Turn Me Into a Flower “

Posted: November 19, 2022 in MUSIC

Just a couple days before the much-anticipated release of Weyes Blood’s (aka Natalie Mering) forthcoming album, “And in the Darkness, Hearts Aglow“, Mering released yet another song that somehow immediately finds its seat in the center of your heart. On “God Turn Me Into A Flower,” her third single from this album, Mering emerges from a synth-laden darkness, with gentle, drawn-out tones that trail off into the sky.

It feels like you’re stepping into a world of her design, with all different bird calls emerging at the end of the track, immersing you in an imaginary, breathless universe. The artist truly steps up to the daunting task of having her voice be the main attraction of the track. Some synth and strings join her, but for the most part, it is her singing twisting throughout the open space created, at some times deeply sorrowful, at others at peace with it all. The way the birds chime in at the end leaves the track feeling like a call to freedom, full of hope even as Mering repeats, “Oh God, turn me into a flower.” Coming from the cathedral-esque quiet of the beginning, it truly does feel like a prayer.

“God Turn Me Into a Flower” by Weyes Blood From the album ‘And In The Darkness, Hearts Aglow,’ out November 18th, 2022 on Sub Pop Records.

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