Posted: November 17, 2022 in MUSIC

There’s a particularly good bit in our interview with Nick Cave in this month’s new issue of MOJO. He’s telling Danny Eccleston about how he and the writer Seán O’Hagan worked on their exceptional book, Faith, Hope And Carnage. “We ended up talking more about universal matters,” Cave says, “but all of that circles around music, as everything does, really.”

Everything circles around music here, not least as a respite from the anxieties and iniquities of the world right now. Please welcome, then, the new MOJO and our annual review of the best things about the year; the music that has kept us more or less sane in 2022.

Inside the issue you’ll find the accumulated wisdom of the MOJO team channelled into a Top 75 albums of the year list, plus the reissues, books and movies of 2022. No spoilers, but we’ve talked to plenty of people who’ve had a hand in the key music and musical happenings these past 12 months. We’ve also, of course, got plenty more for you to enjoy, starting with our Blondie cover story, as Debbie Harry and her numerous bandmates commemorate 40 years this month since their original split. We break metaphorical bread with Nick Cave, let our hair down in New Orleans with Wet Leg, and leave plenty of space for an exclusive chunk of writing by one Bob Dylan.

Plus: Crazy Horse on Neil. Johnny Marr on The Queen Is Dead. Sonic Boom on Spacemen 3. The Joni Jammers on Joni. The Heartbreakers on Tom Petty. Don Was on everyone. Rick Wakeman on ice. Bowie, Bruce, Bono, The Beach Boys. Peter Blake. Loretta Lynn. How To Buy Beyoncé. And, yes, a little Beatles on the side.

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