FORT FRANCES – ” Look At What Tomorrow Brought Us “

Posted: November 17, 2022 in MUSIC

Our new album is finally here! It took us nearly two years to finish this, and we could not be happier to share it with you. I hope you let it soundtrack your day and many days ahead. As you listen, here’s the story of what this album means:

Before “Look At What Tomorrow Brought Us” could come to life, I had to find a way out of today. 

In early October of 2020, I arrived at Stephen Shirk’s studio in Chicago with a few songs that echoed with the emptiness of a pandemic that was surging, a justice system that was failing and a campaign season that seemed to be closing its doors on democracy. Each day blurred into the next. The songs felt like they were traveling the same road— one long highway I had driven a million times before. 

Shortly after that first session, I came down with covid. I spent a week unable to move more than a few steps at a time. It served as the reminder I needed that time is precious — and that songs should reflect the gift to live and work and laugh and cry. I started writing with an optimism that has been elusive for most my time as a maker of music. Each month, Aaron Kiser and I met Stephen at the studio for a few days to focus on a few new songs. We spent the whole year in that rhythm — a few days each month offered an escape from everything.  

Then, in May, my wife and I received the news that we would be welcoming a little person into the world. In fact, I wrote this from the neonatal intensive care unit after my son just turned five days old after arriving much, much earlier than we expected. It was exciting and overwhelming and terrifying— and most importantly, it delivered a reassurance that the world can offer a meaningful weight that is well worth carrying.

I have spent the past 10 years creating music about my fears that the universe is teetering on the edge of doomsday. That might still be happening, but I’ve finally learned that, if it’s true, we may as well enjoy it all while we can. 

When you press play on this album, you will see Aaron and me having the time of our lives throughout every minute of this album — from the opening solo piano notes of “Slow Dance” to the anthemic close of “A Billion Drums.” There’s Aaron’s gospel-esque vocals on the bridge of “Goodness Gracious”. There’s me channeling the most John Lennon guttural scream of celebratory anticipation in the outro of “Eleanor.” There’s the two of us stomping on the floor of the studio to create a two-man marching band in “Parentheses.” I think the best way to sum up the entire album is the bridge of “If You Look Hard Enough”

Make every morning New Year’s Day/ We’re counting down to throw the past away

If you look for the problems in the world, you will find them. But if you look for the things that are worth smiling about, you will find those, too — it just takes a bit more work. 

Tomorrow is here. And it brought so many reasons to smile.

released November 11th, 2022

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