H. HAWKLINE – ” Milk For Flowers “

Posted: November 15, 2022 in MUSIC

“Milk For Flowers” is at once visceral and enlightened, its soundscapes verdant yet delicately rendered, and with this latest, most intimate work, h.

H. Hawkline beautifully bares his blood, bones and soul. and quietly, along with the entrails and rubble held in “Milk For Flowers” reliquary, there hides a small, green kernel of life; hope, perhaps, that today’s decay might nourish tomorrow’s blooms. recorded at Rockfield Studios in Monmouthshire, the album features a host of musical collaborators – Davey Newington [Boy Azooga] on drums, Paul Jones [group listening] on piano, Tim Presley [White Fence, Drinks, the Fall] on guitar, Stephen Black [Sweet Baboo] and Euan Hinshelwood [Younghusband, cate le bon] on sax, Harry Bohay [Aldous Harding] on pedal steel and John Parish [pj harvey, aldous harding] on infrequent bongo. ‘Milk For Flowers’ is the title track and first single from H. Hawkline’s new album.

The first song to be taken from album is the title track about which Huw said: “Grief is a song that can’t be unheard: from the moment you learn it, you never stop singing. Its music paints the scenery – pulling the strings of every day. Forgotten corners and untended gardens can become rich with sickly vegetation, ice rinks and playgrounds decaying with every chord. These videos (this is the first of 3) are a way of trying to express that sensation in the most direct way possible. Every day, an audition. At least I choose the soundtrack.”

The record was then engineered by joe jones [aldous harding, parquet courts] and mixed, after an unlikely and fortuitous crossing of paths, by the grammy-nominated Patrik Berger [charli xcx, robyn, lana del rey],

His fifth album, ‘Milk For Flowers’. His most personal and confessional record to date, it’s released on Friday 10th March 2023 on Heavenly Recordings.

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