CRAWLERS – ” I Don’t Want It “

Posted: November 13, 2022 in MUSIC

While the band came out of the Merseyside music scene, the band’s roots are deep in Warrington. Crawler guitarist Amy Woodall and bass player Liv May, both of whom are from Warrington.

The duo met at St Gregory’s Catholic School, where they played in the same band and according to Amy “me and Liv have only ever exclusively made music and played together since we were really young. I started learning guitar, and then like, a year later we were in a band together and we definitely helped each other along the way to get better. I can’t imagine, at this moment writing with anyone else.”

“But when we were first getting started, we did everything in Warrington really, our first gigs were in Warrington and our rehearsals were in Warrington and yeah, it’s just that Liverpool was kind of a city that we’ve gravitated towards over Manchester.

On the release of their upcoming mixtape, a six track mix of different alt-rock sounds they will be playing at their Warrington gig, Liv said: “We’ve worked we’ve worked really hard on the songs and they’re all a collection of the different styles that we write and the different sounds that we enjoy listening to as musicians. So yeah, it’s gonna be really good. I’m really excited for like, what people think of it.”

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