VARIOUS ARTISTS – ” Live Forever: A Tribute to Billy Joe Shaver “

Posted: November 11, 2022 in MUSIC

Billy Joe Shaver’s songs were stories of his life; they were real, and they were raw. Many artists have covered Billy Joe songs over the years: from Willie to Waylon, to Elvis and Cash. Billy Joe’s influence on some of the greatest of artists is what inspired this project. Now, with “Live Forever: A Tribute to Billy Joe Shaver” a whole new batch of artists and songwriters are taking their cut at one of the greatest songwriting catalogue’s of all time.

Celebrating a songwriter’s songwriter who still looms large in roots music, “Live Forever: A Tribute to Billy Joe Shaver” recruits vets like Rodney Crowell and George Strait, as well as relative youngsters such as Amanda Shires and Margo Price, for a dozen sparkling interpretations.

This album is a testament to Billy Joe’s words and the deep impact they had on so many wonderful songwriters and performers. He’s a hero to so many, and New West is honored to pay homage to the legacy of Billy Joe Shaver. Just like the songs he left behind him, he’s gonna live forever now.

released November 11th, 2022

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