DESTROYER – ” Somnambulist Blues ” Feat. Sandro Perri

Posted: November 9, 2022 in MUSIC

Last week, Destroyer (the project of Dan Bejar) shared a new song, “Somnambulist Blues,” which features Sandro Perri and is out now via Mexican Summer’s Looking Glass series. Bejar also shared a Spotify playlist of songs which have inspired the new single.

In a press release, Bejar states: “I come back to Sandro’s music as something to sing to at the crossroads moments of my life in music. There is something about the landscape Sandro lays out—it’s a world in which things become imminently singable. A lotta room to roam, and all of it good.”

Looking Glass focuses on the human condition as reflected through chance and destined encounters. Mirroring the tenets of Mexican Summer’s ten plus years of supporting adventurous music, Looking Glass looks inward to artists close to the label’s core, and outward to familiar names not far from the family tree, to encourage discovery, diversity, and collaboration.

Destroyer’s latest album, “Labyrinthitis”, came out in March via Merge Records.

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