BLACK HONEY – ” A Fistful Of Peaches “

Posted: November 9, 2022 in MUSIC

Black Honey have announced their third album ‘A Fistful Of Peaches’ – listen to new single ‘Heavy’ The Brighton band are due to release the new 12 track record – the follow-up to last year’s ‘Written & Directed’ – on March 17th, 2023 via FoxFive Records.

Arriving this week, the grunge-y and anthemic ‘Heavy’ sees frontwoman Izzy Phillips delve into “the parallels between grief and depression”. It also references Artax’s traumatic death scene in The NeverEnding Story (“Serotonin let us down/ Don’t wanna watch the white horse drown“).

“We wrote this song the day I found out the founder of our fan club passed away from COVID-19,” explained Phillips in a statement. “We were talking about the weight of grief and the way it holds you down.

“The weight of mental illness and how it brings you a deeper understanding grief. There’s always a glimmer of light though and I love how ‘Heavy’ has that kind of glitter darkness. It’s in my nature to become co-dependant and I think in this song I’m reaching for someone to help me climb back out.” This record is the most unapologetic and honest story telling so far and I never really understood what people meant about capturing a moment in time until now. I think this one is for my fellow neurodivergents and anyone who struggles with their mental illness.

“Heavy’ arrives with an accompanying official visual directed by and starring Dakota Schiffer from Drag Race UK. Schiffer explained that the visuals, which mark her directorial debut, are “centred around the themes of trans femininity”.

“A self-portrait of a struggling trans person who’s exterior appears alluring and glamorous but is constructed out of a need for survival,” she added. “That survival has led many trans people in history to endanger themselves in pursuit of euphoria.”

“A Fistful Of Peaches” features 12 tunes and we have launched with a “peach swirl” vinyl alongside a deluxe signed mountain mural picture disk.

Phillips explained: “If the vibe of ‘Written & Directed’ was creating this whole Tarantino world and this safe space of me almost refusing help and saying I was fine, then with this album it’s the opposite.

It’s their 3rd RECORD “A Fistful Of Peaches” is available to pre-order NOW. It lands on planet earth March 17th. Get it from our shop with a bunch of bundles that our fan club have already blitzed through.

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