RIDE – ” Nowhere / Going Blank Again / 4 EPs Reissues “

Posted: November 7, 2022 in MUSIC

Ride’s discography up through the early-’90s is pretty spotless, including their classic debut album “Nowhere”, one of the touchstone records of the OG shoegaze movement; their underrated second album, “Going Blank Again”, that found them expanding their sonic palette and emphasizing their voices as much as their guitar pedals; and four EPs that range from the youthful rush of “Ride” and “Play“, to the growing ambition of “Fall”, and the maturity and experimentation of “Today Forever”.

All are essential and have just been reissued by the band’s current label Wichita Records. All of these originally came out when vinyl was on the decline and more care was probably put into CDs than the records (and none of them got vinyl releases in the US at the time). “These are my favourite pressings ever of these albums,” Andy Bell told us. “Creation was an amazing record label but they didn’t press on the greatest vinyl. I’d rather have one of these new ones than an original any day.”

These reissues, which are also on CD, mark the first time the four EPs have been collected into one complete (triple album) set, and “Going Blank Again” now comes with four great b-sides from the era, including the song “Going Blank Again.” The biggest downside is they are currently UK-only, as the North American rights are controlled by Warner Music (they were signed to Sire in the U.S.). Hopefully they’ll see release here sooner than later, but for those who want it now will have to fork over for international shipping.

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